INFO on the IRISH restaurant and BAR.

MacDinton's is the south Tampa staple of bars. People travel from all parts of Tampa to spend their whole night at MacDinton's. Any given day of the week you can find people at the outside bar, come night time both inside and outside will be crawling with drinkers. They do serve food, but that's not the attraction, the drunken irish atmosphere is. Almost every bartend at one of their 8 bars has a legitimate English accent and you're guaranteed to find some one more drunk than you are. Friday is the legendary happy hour from 6pm - 8pm, all you can drink liquor and beer. It gets very crowded and your not able to buy an all you can drink wrist until 6pm so a line forms out the door around 5:30pm. There is a parking garage located near by that sells you wrist bands off sight that let you skip the long line, only if you pay for the valet parking. Another well kept secret is to buy a wrist band at the Yard of Ale across the street. You must buy a beer in order to purchase an all you can drink band, but with the band you can skip the line and walk right into MacDintons. A couple nights a week you'll find karaoke on the inside, but the jukebox music on the outside. It's nice to have a laugh with whats going on on stage, and have the option of leaving it to have a breath of fresh air and different music outside. From time to time on the weekends, they feature a live band inside. Any major holiday or sporting event, they will have a crowd with a handle of people dressed for the occasion.


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